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iPad POS Gift Cards for Retail

Posted on August 7 2013

The RetailNOW 2013 conference is underway and Revel Systems iPad POS is presenting its newest Gift Card feature for retail. The feature is an integration with LoyalTree that will give retail owners the ability to add 3rd party Gift Card apps directly onto the iPad POS system. All it takes is a download and a few clicks, either on the iPad POS or the management console, and retailers can start creating gift cards in no time.

Gift Cards from Revel are a great promotional tool and a chance to earn new customers while retaining customer loyalty. It usually takes more than one trip to a retail store to completely use up all the cash on a card; therefore, customers will be coming back time and time again. Revel also provides an unlimited number of gift cards with personalized company name and logo. The solution is simple, Gift Cards from Revel's iPad POS solution will give you the most from your retail business.

iPad POS Gift Cards for Retail
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